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This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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katie (02/06/2012 17:2)
Just heard Lenny Kravitz is nominated for a 2012 Big Daddy Award as "Rock On" Big Daddy. You can vote for him as many times as you want starting MONDAY at www.bigdaddyawards.com!
VL (01/06/2012 14:1)
j'ai 2 places pour le concert de Toulon le 5 juin en Cat1.
je les brade à 50€ pièce (au lieu de 65€)
2 tickets for LK Show in Toulon June 5th. Price 50€ one ticket
Simon (11/04/2012 07:11)
@Deanna, 100% agree with you !
Deanna (20/03/2012 11:20)
Believe is better than Stairway to Heaven and doesn't get enough recognition.
Thomas Pluschke (13/02/2012 17:13)
Tour Date 1991 Europe.
I ve been to his bithday concert on May 26th 1991 in Bonn, Germany !
Terri (05/02/2012 03:5)
Saw Lenny at Chicago Theater. Explosive, Unbelieveable, Nite of my life. Awesome!!!!!
henar (30/12/2011 17:30)
Lenny, Spain is waiting for you..When are you coming?

Davor (23/12/2011 22:23)
I seen lenny at radio city in1993 or 1992 dose anyone no the exact date he played there, it was one of the best shows ever.
lisa fitzgerald (16/12/2011 23:16)
How oh how do we get Lenny, the Cranberries and Wolfmother to perform in Adelaide???!! Sydney and Melbourne are all sold out and at present our only option is to spend $3,000 to both fly to Perth! Please, please, please come to Adelaide Lenny
Cécile (02/12/2011 10:2)
The show in Lyon was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!! I put some videos online on my youtube channel, I hope you'll enjoy them:

andrea (24/11/2011 22:24)

http:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_426RiwST8
andrea (24/11/2011 22:24)
hello, i want to understand some things:

in the official video of lenny kravitz 'stand' the man who play bass it's the same of The black keys 's last video 'lonely boy'....so, who is he?
Dave Ryan (08/11/2011 04:8)
I was hoping you might be able to direct me to a set list for the 11/2/91 show at the Palace Theater in New Haven, CT. It was an incredible show!
chris (17/10/2011 16:17)
Thank you for your extraordinary show in Amiens last saturday. A very good trip during two hours !!!
Tim (13/09/2011 13:13)
Hi guys,

I work at Absolute Radio. Lenny did an exclusive intimate gig for us last night, which you'll be able to watch soon, but for now, I thought you might like to check out our interviews with him at http://absrad.io/mrkravitz

Cheers :)
madajtemimir (05/09/2011 18:5)
Black and White America reivew:

http://www.therocktologist.com/lenny-kravitz---bl ack-and-white-america.html
Lillah (04/09/2011 18:4)
Thanks for sahrnig. Always good to find a real expert.
Cyelii (03/09/2011 10:3)
Finally! This is just what I was loiokng for.
claponline (01/09/2011 12:1)
LENNY KRAVITZ sur le plateau de Vivement Dimanche le MARDI 6 SEPTEMBRE.
RESERVEZ ici : www.claponline.com!
marco (31/08/2011 07:31)
Hey Lenny,
last year I watched the movie "Precious" and during the scene of the museum visit I stood up because of the hard hitting funky sound. First I thought that I missed something from the JB's or Fatbacks. But at the end of the film I noticed that YOU performed this track "Do it". Since then I'm googling for news on that. This year in may I read news that "Do it" will be on your new album and I was excited like a teenager (I'm 52!). Don't understand me wrongly...this album is hot, but I was disappointed because "Do it" isn’t included. Do you plan to release it in near future? Hopefully yes, because I need to stop watching your restaurant video to hear it. The bacon with ice cream makes me hungry :-) Keep funky
shirley (26/08/2011 08:26)
come to Israellllll !!!!!!!!
Nitschewa Borislawa (22/08/2011 07:22)
Dear Lenny,

Your music is such an inspiration. Your a wonderful dad and singer. For me Idol.

With best wishes and regards,

Borislawa B. Nitschewa.
Joleen (18/08/2011 18:18)
Oh yes: by any chance has anyone had any form of a reply from Lenney Kravitz on this Forum?? thanks
Joleen (18/08/2011 17:18)
Yeah like Fan has clearly written "Hopefully someday we'll get to see you play live",... and Lenny Should you by any chance browse through this Form, please consider how we truly love your music... ;-) Awesome to have lived to hear your talent...
fan (18/08/2011 15:18)
love from finland!

can't wait to have your new album and hopefully someday see you play live!
Dimple Patel (17/08/2011 21:17)
Hey there,
Saw the LK uses a handset with his cell phone because he is scared of radiation affecting his head. I want to send a radiation deflecting case to him from Pong Research. Please let me know what kind of phone he has.

A Raving Fan and share the same fear about cell phone radiation.

Dimple - Pong Research, Inc.
Linx (26/07/2011 17:26)
Super jazzed about gteting that know-how.

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