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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 1)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Domenico (30/11/2004 06:30)
Great site!!!
Webmaster (27/11/2004 23:27)
Just for you Nena : http://www.lenny-kravitz.com/kidman.html
Nena B. (27/11/2004 10:27)
The pictures! The pictures!
Anthony (19/11/2004 13:19)
Is it true that Lenny had to cancel his US tour because of poor attendence? I just can't believe it!
A Levain (19/11/2004 13:19)
I dont like this guy. He is more pop than anything else, he also ripped off the greatest guitarists ever Jimi Hendrix and the, well, legendary Bob Marley.
Emmanuel (19/11/2004 02:19)
I am a big fan, and I get to hang out with him & his crew sometimes - I'll dig out the best photos from Lenny just for you Nina... and who know, if he let me, some unpublished ones!
Nena B. (17/11/2004 06:17)
Oh? Are you Lenny's friend???? Any other "private" picture would be fine!
Emmanuel (16/11/2004 19:16)
I don't know Nina. I have been surfing the whole day to find some nice pictures - impossible to find any! and I cannot ask Lenny about it, he would become crazy!
Nena B. (10/11/2004 19:10)
Where can I find Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman pictures?
Thanks nenab226@hotmail.com
Mona (mex) (08/11/2004 20:8)
somebody send me "calling all angels" video.
Melany (06/11/2004 06:6)
Kiss from Croatia! Love you Lenny! xxx
Edesios (05/11/2004 10:5)
The one on always on the run is also one of a kind! I don't like guns and roses but I must admit Slash knows how to play guitar.
Momy G. (05/11/2004 08:5)
Slash Solo on Fields of Joy is one of the best ever!
Every guitarist should learn it.
John (Chicago) (03/11/2004 09:3)
What will be the next single extract from Lenny's last LP Baptism?
Hope it will be Sistamamalover, the funkiest song of the album definitivly my favourite... maybe not rock enough to be broadcast on national radio, but Lenny is already one of the biggest star, he can released whatever song I like to! Moreover the funky beat is pretty much suitable for a video.
Sistamamalover, please!
Lenny (02/11/2004 15:2)
Hi Wellington,

you may want to try the official site to get this sort of merchandising -

Lenny K.
Remi (01/11/2004 22:1)
Hay everybody !
Wellington (01/11/2004 12:1)
Where can I buy Lenny's t-shirt? I like the one with the last tour poster printed on it.
Slash (30/10/2004 18:30)
Hi I'm looking for any Lenny's Bootlegs i don't have a lot of his botlegs but lot of other bands if you want a list write a reply with your e-mail and i will send it to you ... i have a lot of bootlegs of pearl jam ( also a lot of vcds ), Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, The Doors, Soundgarden, and others ....

O Lee (30/10/2004 00:30)
Does anybody knows if Lenny's going to perform in China?
A lot of stars already as Madona or Jean-Michel Jarre performed in Beijing (Peking) or Shanghai.
Lenny, your chinese fans are waiting!
martin macedonia (27/10/2004 19:27)
kem to eat AJVAR
mia (26/10/2004 15:26)
A bit far Jason, I live in Munich, Germany! even if it is probably worth the trip :-)
Jason (26/10/2004 03:26)
Hi mia, you can buy it in "Rock Records", 175 W Washington St, Chicago.
mia (25/10/2004 21:25)
Hi Jason - Where can I get the last live from Lenny Kravitz?
jolien (25/10/2004 19:25)
hello, can somebody tells me when lenny is comming to belgium??? thanx
Jason (25/10/2004 15:25)
Get what?
mia (25/10/2004 11:25)
Where can I get it?
Marcello (25/10/2004 06:25)
No, the live is just released on DVD.
Actually the CD would sound a little weird as that's not a proper live but a kind of documentary about lenny's last tour.
Still nice to watch!
Jason (24/10/2004 17:24)
Is Lenny Kravitz's Live DVD also available on CD?
I can't find it anywhere!
marie (24/10/2004 11:24)
Very nce site Lenny. Could you tell me the next time you come to Lyon?
Alph (20/10/2004 04:20)
Hi, my best regards!
I'm a fan of Lenny music and I just wish to know if there's any song of him that is called "Never stop to laugh" cause I've browsed on several sites and his discographyt and I haven't found it, could u please help me on it?
Perhaps it's not the main title and it's some note of the song, but how to know the main title then and knowing too what CD it belongs to?
Thanks a lot for all your kind help,
Alphonso Spiritual

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