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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 6)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Kravitz jr (07/07/2005 00:7)
Hey guys and girls, how's everybody doin? I can't stop thinkin bout goin to his concert, i'm so so excited. i've just learnt how to play LET LOVE RULE and i'm so happy. Next is slashes solo on ALWAYS ON THE RUN. Only kidding, i don't think i'd have fingers left. Well i'll tell you all how lenny was in london. Stay rockin kravitz style. peace
Amouressa (05/07/2005 12:5)
Maintenant je suis en Suéde et je veux dire MERCI MERCI à Lenny...
Kravitz jr (04/07/2005 20:4)
Hey guys and girls, wats up? Em, just writing to say that i'm goin to see lenny on the 21st in london and i can't wait. Anyone got any tips on blagging there way backstage? lol. Oh and mark, this one's to u. 1- Are u gonna go my way. 2- Let love rule. 3- Thinking of u. 4- Dig in. 5- California. And i love the solo on tunnel vision. so cool. tried it and failed. lol. stay well and keep rockin the way u should be. peace
anabelle (04/07/2005 14:4)
hey guys, it was the greatest show I ever saw! I touched his belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just awesome
mark (03/07/2005 11:3)
Hey guys! I would love to hear each and everyones fav song?....lets say top 5 from lenny!
bea (02/07/2005 11:2)
hey,just want to say to evryone who's going to lenny's show,It ROCK's.
Ádám (01/07/2005 12:1)

Ádám vagyok magyarországról (HUNGARY). Még csak most találtam meg ezt az oldalt az interneten, de nagyon tetszik.
Majd még írok ide
Minden jót
soeren (29/06/2005 14:29)
hi everybody! i went to the concert of lenny in berlin yesterday... fantastic - great band!!! who can tell me the names of all members in lennys band? thanks...
Baz (29/06/2005 06:29)
Hi everyone. I have 2 tickets for Lenny's show on 22 July in Brixton. I can't go. Any one interested??? e mail me, thanks.
Kravitz jr (27/06/2005 23:27)
Hey guys and girls. I'm new to this site and my god it's heaven. BIG LENNY FAN! I'm hopeing i see him in london next month. It will be my first lenny concert. Lenny if your watching man, look out for some stiff competition. LOL, only kidding. All you fans keep well and stay rockin lenny style. peace
jessi (27/06/2005 20:27)
hey out there!
i went to lenny´s concert in karlsruhe(germany) the22.6.2005.
it was just gorgeous and overwhelming ´cause he was just 5m away from me!
he´s so sexy and sang so beautyfully.
much love and respect!
peace, jessi from landau in germany
alexa (27/06/2005 14:27)
i'm from romania.here lenny k never came.i see that almost everybody from the forum went to his concerts...i have all his albums and a lot of pictures but nothing compares with seeing him in flesh and bones.but who knows?maybe someday i'll see him.he is my idol and my love since i was 14 years(now i have almost 20).
alexa (27/06/2005 14:27)
i'm a big fan i love to receive news about lenny k
Girly (27/06/2005 07:27)
I went to a concert of Lenny in Belgium! Believe my it was sooooooooo good!

Love you lenny!
OLYMPIA (25/06/2005 14:25)
alors c'était bien ,? ça c'est fini à quelle heures ?,les chiens ! ils ont arretés à minuit
ANGIE (22/06/2005 18:22)
brigitte sapience (21/06/2005 20:21)
Iwas at his concert in Paris on the 19 th of June and it was great ;What was more great is the fact he asked my daughter who is 9 to be on stage with him during the concert .Is anyone who took a picture at this moment when they were sat down together ?It would be great for us and mainly for her to have a picture for memory .Thank you.Contact on brigitte.sapience@wanadoo.fr
Jason (19/06/2005 02:19)
If anyone wants some Lenny Kravitz cd singles for cheap here's your chance.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ite m=4739909628&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
Gloria (17/06/2005 08:17)
Hello everybody!
in the lenny live dvd, lenny is in a studio recording a song with a boy.... what is that song?
zumodeacid (14/06/2005 08:14)
Hello!!!!!!! I'm from Spain, from Cuenca. Tonite I'll go to the Lenny's show in the hipodromo!!!
Sorry, but my english is not very good. Tomorrow I'll speak about the concert.

fakejosh (13/06/2005 07:13)
hey all, im betting there are a good number of musicians here so its probably a good place to ask... im thinking of going to the musicians institute out in california this fall, it seems like a pretty cool place, anybody know of it?
linda (10/06/2005 01:10)
So grateful for Lenny's music, it's my only sanity at work.
vla (06/06/2005 21:6)
Somebody know name of girl in song "believe in me''?
Rui (03/06/2005 10:3)
This website shows great taste of the web designer. Thank you so much for presenting us such a chance!
Lisa (02/06/2005 20:2)
My son will be turning 13 years old in September and for his birthday I wanted to take him to a Lenny Kravitz concert. Sadly, there does not appear to be a September 2005 concert. Therefore, I am asking if I could get your autograph for my son. He is a huge fan and actually began playing the electric guitar because of you last year and he is even paying for his own private lessons.
loli (02/06/2005 10:2)
lenny me encanta tu musica
linda (02/06/2005 04:2)
Nikka Costa was very good...good match for an opening act for Lenny...i'm still riding the high of the Vancouver concert...i'll l be waiting for the next concert here...
Jaynyc (01/06/2005 15:1)
Linda thank you so much for the info.........I am going out today to get her cd..........if you like Janis Joplin, you will simply love her.......all the best to one and all

linda (01/06/2005 00:1)
The opening act was Nikka Costa.
Jaynyc (31/05/2005 16:31)
Hello All........my name is Jay and I live in NYC and I have a quick question to ask you all.......I went to Lenny's concert in Ct. last month and he had this lady open for him and I dont know her name but she was soulful, funky and another Janis Joplin and I dont think she was Joss Stone but they do sound a lot alike......does anyone happen to know the opening act for Lenny's Baptism Tour..........I have to get that cd of that lady....thanks for your time and cooperation............

All the best to one and all


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