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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 14)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Prudence (26/07/2011 15:26)
That's way more clever than I was excpeitng. Thanks!
Kerryn (26/07/2011 14:26)
Ab fab my gdooly man.
yakaugxu (26/07/2011 12:26)
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Liliam (25/07/2011 23:25)
And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for stentig me straight.
Sequoia (25/07/2011 20:25)
BION I'm ipmressed! Cool post!
Deejay (25/07/2011 19:25)
A minute saved is a minute ernead, and this saved hours!
Fats (25/07/2011 17:25)
Knocked my socks off with knolwegde!
yjyjfkpw (25/07/2011 17:25)
h8A3Vd wpswcmsadgdu
Vyolet (25/07/2011 13:25)
Stands back from the keyboard in amazmeent! Thanks!
QuadriProject (24/07/2011 11:24)
I made a Lenny Kravitz page on my website QuadriProject.com.

http://www.quadriproject.com/wp/?p=125 2
Josh Board (16/07/2011 23:16)
It boggles my mind how people
in the entertainment industry
talk about God then turn around
to sell sex in their commercials
tv shows,movies,videos or music.

If people are Christian then why
do they smoke dope,drink,gamble
still have affairs,be mean/make fun
of people in a rude way,gossip, still continue to have premarital sex,covet,go to strip clubs and smoke cigarettes?

Many will say to Me Lord,Lord and
not enter the kingdom of heaven!

If you still promote/practice/live for
sin and like hell you're going to
go to hell...Period

It's time for the world to return to God/Christ/Holy Spirit and stop
following the god of blessings
and start following the Truth and
the God of the Bible!

Everyone is spiritual now instead
of being Biblical. I don't care how
spiritual you are if you don't follow
the Word of God you are a liar and there is no truth in you!

Bad mouthing religion backfired and the world is in a mess. If
we would have just stuck to the Truth of the Bible/religion this planet woudn't be in chaos/ruin.

A follower of Christ/Word
maria (16/07/2011 03:16)

Lenny Kravitz: Stand - Director's Cut Official Video

http://vipbook.blogspot.com/2011/07/lenny-kravitz-stand- directors-cut.html
tutca (13/07/2011 05:13)
lenny we love you in israel. you are the best!!!!
when are you coming to israel??/
Eran Zigi - Israel (12/07/2011 20:12)
I now hear your classic songs like
\"If You Can\'t Say No\"
\"I belong To you\"

I so happy that you still a living

Have a peacful and joyfull life
my freind.

Goodluck with your next album Black and White America

Your fan Eran Zigi from Israel
JHI (12/07/2011 09:12)
Radio 2 announces Lenny Kravitz to perform at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park on Sunday 11 September

Since his landmark 1989 debut Let Love Rule, singer songwriter and producer Lenny Kravitz has sold over 35 million albums and won four Grammy awards. Touring Europe from October, Kravitz’s performance at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park will be his first UK gig in almost three years. And August sees the release of his ninth album, Black and White America, preceded by his new single Stand.
Sukkie (08/07/2011 06:8)
Rock Star City Life by Lenny Kravitz’s, I totally love this .... http://goo.gl/85kRp
FKAN (05/07/2011 19:5)
Please take note that I sell the 4 tickets at the same price I bought them.
FKAN (05/07/2011 19:5)
UAHH!! Now I have seen that I could enter.
Hi to everybody.

Simply to say that I sell 4 beautiful Tickets for Lenny's concert in Milan on 21th November 2011. They are 4 seat tickets Tribuna Gold Numerata Sector B29 Row 2. Sector B29 is the only sector directly in front of the stage.
The position of the seat is very central. If you write to me at: rivetta16@yahoo.it I will send you the photos of the tickets with the confirmation of the order.
I can give you them immediatly by hands in Milan otherwise by registered post.
Maximum seriiuoness

I hope to hear from you soon,

KFAN (05/07/2011 18:5)
I hope to enter into the forum.
Jon (02/07/2011 17:2)
i know this is going to sound a bit obscure. When i was a kid, there was this Lenny K live concert on TV. i taped it and watched it over and over again! There was a moment where Lenny was singing a ballad with this big fur coat on, and then half way through, he threw it off! That moment had quite a profound effect on me. Today i am a working touring musician with a rock band and when im on stage, i often think of that moment. I have SCOURED the internet for about 5 years to find that clip! I cant remember the song or the year but im pretty sure it was around 1994. Can anyone help me find it????? Thanks
Laura (20/06/2011 21:20)
Check it out! Lenny made the Top 10 Hot Male Guitar Players list posted on GuitarWorld.com. View it here: http://www.guitarworld.com/guitar-girld-top-10-hot-male-guit ar-players
Charlie Cybot (16/06/2011 08:16)
Hi folks!

If you like Lenny Kravitz you might dig this video:


Check it out! :)
peace /T
Jo (12/06/2011 19:12)
I want to get the single STAND on itunes but haven't been able to find it.......any suggestions?
PC (11/06/2011 23:11)
40 Years Gone Tribute Song-JUST LIKE JIMI

I know Lenny is a big Hendrix fan-he should check out this song! I can hear Lenny doing his own version of this amazing tune....please give it a listen...the lyrics are inspirational.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zscscauME uQ
Tobias (10/06/2011 12:10)
Hey everybody!

If you like Lenny you might dig this:


check it out!
peace /T
ranae (10/06/2011 03:10)
Tnx for sharing the 'musical appetizer' at the 'H' (SFO). What a wonderfully surprising outreach to our community! Keep the lyrics coming on strong so our young ones can imitate their courage and love. btw, mama said, 'there's beans, rice and cornbread in the kitchen. get'cho plate. hot sauce 'n honey is in cabinet.'
May God continue to bless you and yours. peace, Anutha Sistah-child of the 60s
marcia (06/06/2011 17:6)
Looking for an email address for Lenny
facundo (19/05/2011 18:19)
im not smoking aproposited, other person try my for ignorante
L (14/05/2011 02:14)
Wish you were opening for U2 in the Cities or headlining somewhere near the U. I would definitely take time to listen to your music and enjoy the atmosphere.
Evelyn Cleveland (11/05/2011 23:11)
I'm starting to love you more and more each day because you do what you do and you do it very well. There aren't many men that makes me so comfortable but I think I'm starting to appreciate you because of your openness to changes and challenges. You are still catching my eye everyday and I'm glad that I am still getting to meet you and understanding you more and more every day. I read an article about you about your personality and the people who wrote it said that you are very passionate. I think I can see that with how you interact through your photos and videos that you dedicate to certain people. You must do something to keep you in a situation where millions of people love you so much. Whatever it is I'm all for it. Anyway, I need some of you in Orlando to motivate me and some of that love you got. It'll keep me going and get me to where I want to go.

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