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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 8)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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strimbi (05/06/2009 11:5)
The concerts in Rome and Brescia were deleted????
ELY (03/06/2009 16:3)
where can I find the number of sold tickets for the concert in Brescia??
Karla (02/06/2009 15:2)
Trying to find a store online to purchase Lenny T-Shirts?? Please help...
Reece (30/05/2009 16:30)
Just wondering if this performance is available on dvd or cd - Live at The Brixton Academy, London (June 1991)
Dany (28/05/2009 16:28)
Hi there,

I just wanted to inform you that OLIVER TANSON® took some very exclusive pictures of Lenny KRAVITZ.

Check out the gallery at http://www.olivertanson.com/index.php?gallery=385 !

We had fun! I hope you too!

Feel free to leave a few nice words in our guestbook! :)

Best to you!
Spanky (26/05/2009 18:26)
So all you Lenny Kravitz fans, you have to check this out. http://www.gamepro.com/games/ps2/159777/rock-band-classic-ro ck-track-pack/

Rock Band has come out with a Classic Rock Expansion to their game and there is a Lenny Kravitz song on it called Let Love Rule.
Stripes Man (20/05/2009 23:20)
Hey has anyone else heard of the rock band release that has some of Lenny's songs in it? It's some kind of classic rock track pack. I know I'm really looking forward this being released!
felix corral (16/05/2009 17:16)
hola.........recuerdos de FELIX CORRAL.........
yoni (30/04/2009 19:30)

en semanas estara listo el sitio oficial argentino.

vayan agendandolo;

joana (26/04/2009 20:26)
hei. does anyone knows how to contact lenny´s agent? or how to send him a message?it´s really important.thank you
girlpower (19/04/2009 23:19)
I just went to a concert of Lenny at the Belgian \'Sportpaleis\', and the music was really good. But there wasn\'t a tv-screan to look at, so I saw like 1/4 of the show. Therefore I am disappointed
Belgio (19/04/2009 10:19)
Hello there Lenny fans!

I just wanted your opinion on a song of Lenny's I tried to cover.


Chec k it out and thanks!!

You rock Lenny!!
kizito kombombo (11/04/2009 10:11)
hi papa lenny...i will be in valencia waithing for u...sure:pure love is forever,honest love never has end...and love for eternity...forever and ever,papa lenny...strong and deep hug from kizitino...
John Enghauser (17/03/2009 00:17)
Does anyone know if there's a Lenny Kravitz social network to join? I'm a singer/songwriter and Kravitz fan and I've been told I sound a lot like him. I'd like to find a way to network with other Kravitz fans. Thanks!

Rob (20/02/2009 08:20)
Check out Lennys Tour-Dates 2009!

js park (08/02/2009 02:8)
please let me know how to buy lenny's bootlegs this iskorea,,,i really want to get it with method

please e-mal at me

Cheri Darden (26/01/2009 19:26)
How do I get approval to use one of your songs for a video I'm making?
I am in a virtual world called Second Life and would love to use your song Butterfly for my video. I have made other videos with cover songs, but they have been taken down for copywrite infringement. I don't want that to happen again. Is there a place I can go to ask? And does it cost a lot of money to use your song? Thank you for your time. I can show you some of the other videos I made inworld. Cheri Darden
Cheri Darden
Sandra Thomas (26/01/2009 13:26)
You let your family and friends -you\\\'ll return-and come to Germany to visit the concert of Tina Turner with me? Are you still young enough for following a person like this? I need to talk with U2, it\\\'s superimportant. Better late than never.
For all the other fans in this world, be happy to be only listeners......I\\\'ll try to add you as a friend in \\\"facebook\\\", there you can get my numbers, try the....68....o.k.? Hope to see you, lots of love, S.
yoni (20/01/2009 05:20)
hola amigos!!!! soy yoni, y busco fans argentinos


Katarina (12/01/2009 16:12)
Hi Lenny, big thanks for your concert in Slovakia, Kosice 17.6. 2009. Thanks for the opportunity to see you life! looking forward to meet you!!!take care - xx -
MARTINA (21/12/2008 10:21)
CAU super hudbu robiš... milujem :-)
Giselle (09/12/2008 02:9)

Are you still celibate? Please send some words of encouragment to us celibate folks you are are hero. You are sexy beyond words by the way you just get better with time!
Katarina (27/11/2008 23:27)
Hi Lenny, i just wanted to tell you big thanks for the music you do! Such a big inspiration, you make me feel so good. Hope your life is going well and you are being happy. Sometimes i wonder, if it is possible to find a real love for such a successfull man as you are, to find a love you sing about, or can it be just your dream...?
haha, i know, you must be busy to read all the people´s comments and attitudes:)
so, have a nice day!
belen gonzalez (26/11/2008 16:26)
hi, dd lenny sing the song aint sunshine when she's gone?
martina (24/11/2008 13:24)
Hi Lenny, just few words - maybe a very sipmle reflecion on my attitudes to your muisc and to you as a person - every morning when I am driving to work I play your songs and they make me feel much better. Though I am not a native speaker, from every single one I am able to choose something.... also for my students . Where to find a source of happiness in life? How to start to be more "human"- is it possible????many questions come to my mind, facing many difficulties, troubles....
Quite often my kids ask me why exactly you and your songs. My reply is very simple - because your songs help me to go on.... If you one day find youself in a state you want to talk to somebody as a friend, I would be glad and honoured to be such person...Lots of inspiration and sunny days, tina
DANAE (17/11/2008 02:17)
Se ke tal vez eres para miles de mujeres un suenio,,, pero para mi eres mas que un suenio,, siempre pienso,,, en ti,, me encanta tu persona,,,, tu manera de expresar tus temas!.

Sabes ?? yo escribo tambien y hago musika,,, pero en cada cancion que hago me encantaria tener aunke fuera,, un poco de tu interpretacion.
Veniste a Monterrey al coca-cola, y cantaste en frente de mi persona, yo traia un panio con la bandera de USA. te acuerdas??

TE quiero mucho !!! LENNY.

kirsti (11/11/2008 19:11)
Hello all-

This great charity--Rock For Kids-- is auctioning a signed LK item. he donated. Does anyone know if this is something I can post here? Does the site permit this?

Thanks so much!
gabs (11/11/2008 18:11)
i have a brand new sony ericsson w890 walkman "lenny kravitz limited edition". 500 euros. who wants?
clyde_0103@yahoo.com for pictures and info
Rhonda (05/11/2008 20:5)
I am so choked up right now.Lenny cancelled his Vancouver date the mornin of the concert! We are from out of town, had booked a hotel, and taken time off work. Not to forget that we bought the tix the day they were released, and then last week there were better seats released. He also cancelled last year. This is really shitty Lenny and your tour promoters..
wayne byrne (05/11/2008 19:5)
what the ....?
I checked my e-mails today to see that lennys\' concert tour for newfoundland was cancelled...that sucks. My girlfriend is a huge fan and was really disappointed to hear the news as well as I.
We have been followers of Lennys\' music since the start.
It was a big night out for us but peoples health means more...
Get well soon, Lenny...look after that soar throat.....

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