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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 5)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Natalia (31/05/2005 16:31)
Does anybody knows the name of the model in the video "believe in me"?
Thank everybody
linda (31/05/2005 00:31)
I was at the Vancouver show, it was absolutely fabulous. I was in the last row on the floor, wished i would have been closer to the stage but in the Orpheum there really is no bad seat - didn't matter because i didn't sit down. Does anyone out there have any photos of the concert? I was only able to get the article from The Province newspaper.
Stephanie (27/05/2005 21:27)
I went to the concert in KC. The best i've been to in a while. Lenny, you are one of the most gorgeous men alive. Much love!

p.s. we took a picture together during a meet and greet, how do i get a copy?
Monica (27/05/2005 15:27)
Lenny you deserve every present in the world and much more! Love. Happy Birthday!!!!!
Laura (26/05/2005 18:26)
Lenny - You are the voice! Best wishes to you on this very special day! I hope you are getting everything out of life that it has to offer you. The way you share all of your blessings makes me believe in humanity. Thanks again for the fabulous concert in Minneapolis!
yourgirl (26/05/2005 09:26)
hey just hhhhaaapppyyyy birthday to you.for me your the sexyest man ever.sexy body and sexy soul.just best wishes from me to you...
Anika (26/05/2005 05:26)
hey duuuude happy birthday its my birthday too!! have a good one ...hope you'll come play in Dubai someday....
Vanesa (25/05/2005 13:25)
Leny te sigo desde siempre T-amo sos el mejor T-re-amooooo
mariana (25/05/2005 00:25)
lenny eres lomaximo me encanta como cantas te amo
Kezza (24/05/2005 13:24)
Please come to play in Sydney NSW Australia or New Zealand this year Lenny!!! We love your music just as much down under bro!
siya (24/05/2005 11:24)
I would love to see you Lenny play for Nelson Mandela in the 46664 concert.Viva to freedom let love rule.
Paul Stephen (23/05/2005 19:23)
Caught the show at the Wiltern in L.A. VERY TIGHT! There were Kids to Grandmas rockin the house! Backup singers and Jazz ensemble were a phenominal addition!
linda (20/05/2005 18:20)
Happy Birthday Lenny, I know it's on the 26th, i'll be away from my computer on that day so i'm sending this out early. Have a safe & healthy tour.
Rebecca (19/05/2005 17:19)
SEATTLE Electric Church was FABULOUS!

The only comment I can say is..beautiful!

Joanna (19/05/2005 05:19)
Went to the Vancouver concert on May 14th...does anyone have the set list from that show? The show was absolutely amazing!!!!!
Linda (19/05/2005 03:19)
Stacey, the opening song from the Vancouver concert was "Minister of Rock & Roll" ... absolutely phenomenol concert
kevin (19/05/2005 03:19)
nobody wants to be your gf!
dc shoes (19/05/2005 03:19)
will any1 be my gf?
kevin (19/05/2005 03:19)
the concert was on monday in seattle, my bad. your #1 fan Kevin B.
Kevin B. (19/05/2005 03:19)
once again i just came on the the best site in the world to write about how great lenny was on sunday,man he rocked.and to answer julie you could probaly check e-bay and if none there wait a week or so and check ebay or maybe a different fansite, i already checked ths places shop nothing from this years tour yet but i hope they get some stuff from the tour because i wanted one of the jackets but my sister who took me said it was too expensive, oh well ill check e-bay after hes done with his tour.well lenny if you you read this u did awesome at the paramount and thanks again for your "sweaty" towel its on my wall. your #1 fan Kevin B.
Kevin B. (19/05/2005 00:19)
alexandra i think it would be fine to go alone,i mean i wouldnt mind going alone, it would be a little less fun but u could still rock on the same.
Julie (18/05/2005 17:18)
I just went to the show in Portland, I was so impressed whith Lenny's performance and that drummner, what a rockin body.
Anyway I didn't get a chance to get a t-shirt. Anyone know where I can purchase one?
Alexandra (18/05/2005 09:18)
Hey, you guys, is it uncool to go to a Lenny concert BY MYSELF?? He'll be in San Diego tomorrow and I can't find anyone that's willing to fork out money for the good seats! I've never seen him in concert but I LOVE his music. Advice pleeez!!!
stacey (18/05/2005 07:18)
i also went to the seattle show i was very impressed. the band and him were very tight and in motion. but i do want to know the name of the first song that he played can you help?
kevin (18/05/2005 03:18)
dewyduster nikka costa is not hot at all!! but if anyone does think shes hot her ass was hanging out the whole time she was starting the concert. oh yaeh 1 more thing lenny that was my first concert ever and i have a feeling it will be the best of my lifetime, your #1 fan Kevin B.
kevin (18/05/2005 03:18)
I saw lenny at the good morning america in new york and then yesterday i saw him at the paramount in seattle i dont have my pics back yet but im getting them soon!!yay! I also caught his towel,well he actually handed it to me.he remembered me from new york it was awesome! im only 11 so he kinda i guess it was cool he has such a young fan i think hes the best rocker on earth and thanks lenny 4 including god in it that was pretty cool.whens the next time you are coming to seattle lenny i wanna go to every concert u have from now on.also your band is phenomenal, they have got to be 1 of the best on earth,really.well lenny your towel is on my wall it says"LENNY KRAVITZ'S TOWEL SEATTLE 5/16/05 THE PARAMOUNT."THANKS AGAIN LENNY YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin B. your #1 fan!!!
linda (17/05/2005 23:17)
nuckinfuts, i'm looking for pics too ... i tried the newspaper & tv without success ... does anyone out there have photos of the Vancouver concert - i was there & it rocked big time.....
nuckinfuts (17/05/2005 16:17)
Saw the gig in Vancouver B.C. on May 14...amazing show. Anyone with pics please email them to me at sbutz@accesscomm.ca ...thankzzzz...
Hunter Family (17/05/2005 14:17)
Lenny Kravitz you rocked the Paramount in Seattle to it's core. The "ELECTRIC CHURCH" was felt and you our preacher was the best. You are Blessed and Heaven on earth. Thank You for the Best Show in a long time..............
Mathews Abraham (17/05/2005 02:17)
Mr. Kravitz. You are Amazing.. thank you so much for such a great musical experience. I flew from Edmonton to see your performance the Orpheum in Vancouver. Just phenomenal. It was worth more than every penny I spent. Thank you again.

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