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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 4)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Kirx (16/05/2005 16:16)
I can't wait to see you.
56 days to wait.
Lenny you ROCK...
luv ya
PS:Does anyone have Lenny's poster?
If you have, please mail me
Callie (15/05/2005 16:15)
i just saw you at the rave in milwaukee and i fell in love with you all over again. you are the best performer, and the ripping of your shirt and walking through the crowd got us all screaming. anytime you ever come to madison again email me. and i love your trumpet guy too!!
Brian (15/05/2005 14:15)
Just caught Lenny last week in Denver. Amazing show! I have not seen him or really followed his music since his tour in 1993. Speaking of...I can verify that he played Chastain Park in Atlanta on Oct. 8, 1993. I thought you might want to add that to your tour history.

Linda (15/05/2005 07:15)
The Vancouver show was phenomenol, the acoustics at the Orpheum Theatre rocked. This is the by far the best concert i've attended. I spent the entire show on my feet - definately a natural high. Thanks Lenny!
Tonya (14/05/2005 17:14)
Lenny Kravitz- The Electric Church Tour - 05/06/05 Milwaukee, WI! Flew to concert from Minnesota! The Rave is a great venue!

Thank you and Nikki & the choir and MAGNIFICENT BAND for the best concert of my life! Whew - those horns were blowing!

Ever in Minneapolis?
Katja & Jana (13/05/2005 09:13)
Hi Len! My friend feels connected to you everyday. However, I am writing this letter for her. Sure, that she met you in her past lives,
so we would love to meet you back in Unkel in Germany near to a certain bridge, not existing anymore. You are welcome!
sat nam Katja
Callie (13/05/2005 01:13)
Lenny you are the hottest most talented artist on earth. I love you soo much, and my friend lara does too!
Jesi (12/05/2005 04:12)
I´m from Argentina and I went to one of the TWO great shows that Lenny gave in here on 12 and 13 March. Please, add the last date at the tour list.
Abby (11/05/2005 20:11)
I am still on a high from such an awesome show in Mpls last week! Nothin' between me and the stage. Thanks for the handshake! It's confirmed that Lenny is the sexiest man alive.
Lara (11/05/2005 00:11)
Just another question, what's the name of the not only talented but gorgeous trumpet/ trombone player???
Lara (11/05/2005 00:11)
I LOVE YOU LENNY!! Three of my friends and I saw you in concert for our first time on May 6, 2005 in Milwaukee. We loved the show and haven't stop talking about it since. I was SO extremely thrilled when you played American Woman, I wasn't expecting it and it was a hell of a surprise. Also, way to keep us hanging, I was worried that you weren't going to play Lady, but it made a GREAT encore! Thanks so much for the best concert I've ever seen, It'll be hard to top! Much love, Lara PS-Did you have to wait until the SECOND encore to rip off your shirt?
sher (10/05/2005 17:10)
I can't believe that people no has complained in this forum about his performance in St. Louis in May 7th at the Pageant! He refused to play of the air conditioning was on - so imagine a sold out crowd and no a/c.........miserable. He is an awesome performer but to make his fans endure over 90 degree heat in a building is obsurd.
Laura (09/05/2005 22:9)
I will never forget 5/4/05. My first time seeing you live in Minneapolis! And live you were...DAMN! My friend and I took off the rest of that week from work just knowing the impact you'd have on us. Thanks for telling us "forget the aisles, forget the rows - come closer!' We did! Happen to remember a redhead with pink sunglasses??? Peace and love, L.
Brian & Ali (09/05/2005 04:9)
Can't wait Lenny! Van, Seattle then Vegas. You won't be able to miss us. Fan Motorhome coming from van to seattle on monday 16.
david (08/05/2005 14:8)
does anyone have the st. louis set list?
fourtoed (05/05/2005 17:5)
i just saw lenny last night in minneapolis and have to say that was the best performance i have ever seen.....nikka costa was the perfect opener....heeellllllo nurse.....anyhoo, i am wondering if anyone has his new lk logo.....if so, could ya pass it on?.....thanks much....
mikey (02/05/2005 23:2)
saw the toronto show. I am going the vegas show too. Does Lenny mix it up between shows a lot. Toronto was good, but I wasn't blown away.
Amanda (02/05/2005 23:2)
I was wondering if anyone had a set list for the Detroit 4/29 show for Lenny at the State Theater.....thank you.
Alex (29/04/2005 18:29)
I am looking to buy a large signed picture of Lenny. Does anyone know of any web sites or people who sell them??? Cheers
Christine (28/04/2005 14:28)
Saw Lenny last night in Toronto -the show was awesome. Nikka Costa was great.
This concert was far better than the concert at Molson Amphitheatre a few years ago - more intimate and less contrived.
A real showman and musician....
lethal (28/04/2005 02:28)
Drove all the way from New Brunswiick on the east coast of Canada to see the sexiest man on earth in Boston, and man when you ripped your shirt off,WOW! Great show,and if anyone has pics could they please forward them to me. I love you LENNY!
Tarek Ben Hamed (27/04/2005 15:27)
i like so much the song:Stillness of Heart and i think that Lenny Kravitz is one of the greatest rock artists.thanx Lenny for the nice song,it's my favourite...Tarek
zig19 (25/04/2005 18:25)
yes, steven tyler was at the boston show..he sat right behind me. lenny rocked, but i also gave a hug and kiss to steven..holy cow, what a night!!!
spacey (25/04/2005 11:25)
was in boston last night...heard steve tyler (aerosmith) was in the house! unbelievable energy!!! thx lenny! namaste
Dewyduster (24/04/2005 16:24)
Saw the 4/23 concert in CT. Lenny puts on one heluvua show. He sure knows how to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Set list was basically the same as the Beacon Theater set.

I was a bit disappointed that he didn't draw much from his "5" album (I consider it his best work to date).

Nikka Costa rocked. I think her voice ruptured my left eardrum. Definitely going to purchase that CD. (Note to guys: she's EXTREMELY hot)

Subject unrelated to the actual music: I thought that the concert t-shirts were the worst I've ever seen. Bad selection... OK I'm nitpicky here but I am the biggest t-shirt whore out there and I had no desire to pick one up...

To all those going to see Lenny in the near future - "You'll find you'll have yourself a good time!"
tomv1234 (22/04/2005 16:22)
last night's show was amazing
beacon theater
new york city
looking for a copy of last nights new york show or any of the "electric church" tour.....either old fashion cdr trading or maybe someon knows of a bit torrent site to dowload a show from....bootcity.com is a great site
please assist
Michael (22/04/2005 08:22)
Lenny Kravitz
with special guest Nikka Costa
Electric Church Tour
Thursday, April 21, 2005 - 8:00 p.m.
Beacon Theatre
New York, New York

8:02 p.m.
Till I Get to You
Like a Feather
So Have I For You
Fooled Ya Baby
On & On
When My Man Cries
Hope It Felt Good
Happy in the Morning
Everybody Got Their Something
8:50 p.m.

9:17 p.m.
Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)
Minister of Rock 'n Roll
Live (Reprise)
Let Love Rule
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Where Are We Runnin'?
Always On the Run
American Woman
Tunnel Vision
Stand By My Woman
Fields of Joy (Prelude)
Fields of Joy
Dig In
--Band Introductions
Fly Away
L ady
------------------------------------------------ ---
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Minister of Rock 'n Roll (Reprise)
11:15 p.m.

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