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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 9)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Rushy (24/06/2009 23:24)
Hey Lenny,

Great show in the Toon tonight. Packed, sweaty and a sensational groove.
Check out the review of tonite's show on www.rushonrock.com

see ya soon!
Gracja (23/06/2009 22:23)
Thanks a lot for your concert in Cracow on Sathurday:))This year the "wianki "event was amazing thanks to you!! I love the music you make and your show was great...you were stunning:))! You`re the best!greetings from Poland & I hope you`ll visit us again...soon. Lots of love, xx
Ewa (23/06/2009 18:23)
Thank you for unfogetable moments with you in Cracow:). I wish you all the best:).
Michal (22/06/2009 23:22)
Hi Lenny Your's Show in Cracow was amazing.
ann mary (22/06/2009 17:22)
Good evening, I just want to say thanks for the great moments in Brno. You were fantastic, it´s really long time when I last saw so good guitarist. I hope you will come soon again! Have a nice day
megy (22/06/2009 16:22)
....thank you for great concert in KOSICE!!!!!! perfect shooow;)
lovefor (22/06/2009 14:22)
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B (22/06/2009 13:22)
adrienn (22/06/2009 10:22)
I loved you in Debrecen !!!!!!
joanna (22/06/2009 07:22)
HI THANK YOU for the gorgeous iconcert YOU gave in Krakow I have felt you sent that MASSIVE WAVE OF LOVE to all of us It was like a meteor of LOVE that hit me and ..too bad ...left a krater of lonelyness GOd bless u Joanna
Martinez (21/06/2009 20:21)
Thank YOU, Lenny, for the evening in Cracow! Much appreciation and respect. It was the big show!
Ola (21/06/2009 12:21)
Your concert in Cracow was really great! Even the water dividing us - fans- from you wasn't so important! Your music is delight for ear:) so please, give us this pleasure and come back to us some day:) kisses
carl Pedersen (21/06/2009 12:21)
Lenny,Lenny come to denmark Soon Plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Cracov (20/06/2009 23:20)
You are the best!!! I love You! Your concert in Cracow was amazing! Come back
carl Pedersen (20/06/2009 20:20)
You Are The Best Ever Love You Music So Much Big Love from my im a big big fan of you
Carl Pedersen (20/06/2009 20:20)
Hey, Lenny Kravitz. I Comming From Denmark And I am 11 Years old.i relly hope you se my kart from my. come son to denmark and play.
am (19/06/2009 06:19)
I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! for being celibate,& so am i
ckgent (18/06/2009 09:18)
anyone know who the uk support is for lenny??
Fleur (16/06/2009 21:16)
Concert tickets 3x for July 4th in Amsterdam!
Only 60 euro's per ticket.
Interest? Please contact me; paardebloem@hotmail.com
Monika (15/06/2009 23:15)
Hi Lenny
I'm writting from Poland - You will be there next week- in Cracow. Unfortunately I won't be on your concert :( because I'm working. I love your music, my favourite song is "again" and thanks for your music.
You are for the first time in Polan and I have to be in job - it's sad....
Paloma Gonzalez ANDRADA (14/06/2009 11:14)
Could I go with u in our trips?...to the end of the world...
Jegni (14/06/2009 10:14)
Hi Lenny,
Was at your concert in Lyon, France. THE BEST concert I've been to ever ! Thank you so much for the great music, the great songs, the way you made us all participate and share your passion. Thanks for your generosity. Have a great tour and don't stop writing and performing this extraordinary music of yours.
Alisha (14/06/2009 06:14)
Still waiting in Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iines =) (12/06/2009 22:12)
heyy guys....
just came of the concert today...
owwwwwwww...it was awesome...I stood in the first row....haha...it was sooooooooo cool...and then I sent a kiss to him...and then he smiled all over the face : D ....and later...haha...I touched him......
that was a really really cool concert :)
Ring2 (12/06/2009 20:12)
Here is your youngest fan.
She is my dother and she had 7 month when the video was recorded.
We love your music.
Emi (11/06/2009 19:11)

It is our time to do something...
Iain1206 (09/06/2009 13:9)
I have 2 Lenny tickets for sale for Glasgow Academy 25th June

Can't make the show now, so would like the tickets to go to real fans.

Don't want a bidding war, price is face value only

1 Ticket £35
2 Tickets £70

I'll pay the postage and booking fees

Email me if interested
Djes (09/06/2009 01:9)
Woow... Lenny Kravitz has msn...



Its so amazing and he is really friendly 2!!
bscfan89 (07/06/2009 20:7)
I have one Lenny ticket for sale on ebay for the Newcastle show, with a really really low starting price and postage. Please get bidding! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2803553 26941&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123
Jenny (07/06/2009 11:7)
Hi Lenny!
I am wrighting from Russia, from Russia with love :-)
you are a real geneous and i admire quite everything you do. your songs and music are unforgettable. they will always be in my loving heart )))
be happy!
Love you, love you, love you...!!!

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