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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 11)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Tracy (16/01/2010 21:16)
I would give anything to meet you Lenny. would it ever be possible?????
Caroline Crosby (24/12/2009 01:24)
hellow; hay i dont know if lenny kravitz read this but hay ill give
myself a plugin; gweneth.crosby@hotmail.com
songwriter, lyrics, looking to collaborate with singers,musicans hay lenny kravitz i have some awesome
songs if you get wind of this..lucky me...SMILEY FACED
claudia (17/12/2009 16:17)
I`m of venezuela, i dont know speak english but i love so much jeje
claudia (17/12/2009 16:17)
please I need the coreografia of the video LADY, is urgent pleeeeeeease
Sebastian (16/12/2009 00:16)

vbb (26/11/2009 12:26)
Lenny when are you going to come to AUSTRALIA in concert??...we would love to see you and our crowds rock!
Carla Thomas (12/11/2009 23:12)
Hey Lenny,
You were excellent in the film "Precious"! You truly have some serius skills, man! I blogged about it!

http://beverlyhillsbusinessexcellence.blogspot.com/20 09/10/precious-lionesgate-film-remember-we.html
Sav (26/10/2009 01:26)
babe, i went on your concert in Montclair NJ. you were awesome, the croud wasn\'t. how can you stand like you\'re on funeral on that kind of play..It was in theatre but it wasn\'t a play so they just stand.No dancing..i could not believe my eyes.who cares I danced my ass off. Thanx for that camera kiss. big surprise after i went home :) -let love rule
John (19/10/2009 00:19)
Does anyone know the setlist for last night at MGM Foxwoods
Tammy Langen (18/10/2009 18:18)
Myself and three friends went to see the show in Foxwoods MGM last night. Four songs in, we were asked to leave cause we were standing up and cheering. I will never see a show there ever again. For real, was I at a \\\"rock show\\\" or a \\\"play\\\"? Go to four to five shows a year and this was by far the lamest. NEVER AGAIN
patricia (15/10/2009 21:15)
went to see you last nigt at irving plaza what a disappointment you didnt come onto till 10pm some people have to work for a living and the the tech guy told us you make them turn the air off! it was SO HOTT we pay high prices to see you then suffer when it is so hot and people are standing I left, and will not see you again
GJK (20/09/2009 08:20)
Are all Lenny's albums going to get the 2disc remaster treatment?
Steph (20/09/2009 02:20)
three years ago I took salsa lessons and they use to play a song I loved which I was told was Lenny Kravitz. I don't recall the name of it. I beleieve it was never released on a Lenny Kravitz CD but instead on a dance or latin colloboration. I may also have been told some Big Apple(NYC) DJ may have been the once to really introduce and promote it. Can someone tell me the name of it and how I can go about finding the song.
jeff (08/09/2009 14:8)
several years ago, Lenny did a live performance of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER for a bebefit (Lincoln Center or Kennedy Center honors) in front of US PResident Bush (maybe Clinton) I am trying to find a audio or video download of that performance.
melissa (05/09/2009 17:5)
I'm trying to find out a woman artist that either played with lenny, or he produced her. African american woman, I believe, and her cd was amazing.. i think one of the songs was "soul sister". This was years ago... Someone HELP..I loved that cd...
LISA (12/08/2009 10:12)
hei baby how many site web you are is incredible tha i have problems to find you,let me know how i contact to you..........i wait for your ansewr.......

bye,bye....and one kiss
Veronica Dreyer (11/08/2009 00:11)
Hey guys! Hope ya saw Lenny and Oakenfold's sets in London. They were amazing! If ya dig Oakenfold, help out with his online poll.

Mario Rimati (31/07/2009 11:31)
Dear Lenny,
I was one of the official photograpghers at your Tarvisio show. I, and the others, noticed that for the first two songs we had to shoot pics you used rather poor lighting. Once we left under the stage your staff used better lighting. David Byrne did the same thing 2 weeks ago when I took pics (he did the same thing you did but for the first 3 songs). Out of curiosity, why do some of you artists do that? Others like The Boss and Madonna (I also covered those in Udine last week) use normal lighting for the official photogrpaghers.
Mario Rimati
PS Good to hear American Woman seeing that I hail from Winnipeg, home of The Guess Who!
Manuela (28/07/2009 17:28)
il batterista di lenny kravitz è dei run dmc? qual'è il suo nome?
orazic (28/07/2009 12:28)
mukti ali (27/07/2009 13:27)
magdalena is the best
mukti ali (27/07/2009 13:27)
i see you concet in dvd very spectacular
mukti ali (27/07/2009 13:27)
i like you music
noemi (27/07/2009 12:27)
Yesterday I have been to the concert in Rome, it has been amazing, so wonderful...oh Lenny I love you, thanks !!!!
CrazyChick (26/07/2009 16:26)
I saw his concert last nite in Brescia: simply awesome...Lenny rocks!!!Can some1 gimme more info about the guy playin drums??He's so damn hot!!!

Lenny your voice caught my soul...LOVE YA!!
jack (26/07/2009 01:26)
Amazing show in Brescia ! !
Thanks for all Lenny.
Andreja (25/07/2009 20:25)
Banja Luka concert was absolutely fantastic, so much energy and positive vibrations...the best thing tjat happened to Bosnia and Banja Luka! Thank you Lenny, and like it is said in the previous comment-WE LOVE AND RESPECT YOU BACK! You did a great show!
b (24/07/2009 20:24)
Dragonfly (24/07/2009 19:24)
Hey guys, just wanted to share this with you, Lenny was performing in Banja Luka last night and the atmosphere was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, Kosheen had their concert here last night too, so people had to choose one. This is smaller town (app. 300,000 people) and Lenny's visit meant a lot to us. Lenny THANK YOU SO MUCH, I hope you felt Banjaluka's audience good vibrations as we certainly felt yours. LOVE BEARS AN INVINCIBLE POWER and it connects our souls. THANK YOU once again on behalf of the whole town and with God's will DO come again. You are very welcome. We love and respect you back ;) xxx
Alexandar (23/07/2009 11:23)
Hello everyone!
I am about to see Lenny tonight, in Banja Luka! I am very trilled! Can anyone write down set list, or at least, some of the songs Lenny and his band have played on a recent concert?
I will appreciate it! Thanx!

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