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Sugar (Lenny Kravitz)
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I'm yours
And you are here
Don't you
Really want to feel
That my love is turning on
And it feels so real
So tell me what's the deal yeah

I'm coming back
For more and more
You do it to me
‘Till I can't take no more
And I know
That all of that real
Good lovin' is oh so real
And I want all your time
When I'm down here

Sugar dance for me
Sugar taste so sweet

Climb on and take the wheel
There's nothing here for you to fear
And my love won't lead you wrong
Let me make this clear
Sweeter and sweeter
I'll always make you feel

I'm coming home
I'm oh so low
I need you baby
Come on let's go
‘Cause only you are my lover
And you're so sincere and fine
So divine
And you're all mine

Sugar caramel
Sugar and it taste so sweet
Sugar my fantasy
Sugar you were made for me

Hey sugar my fantasy
Sugar and it taste so sweet
Sugar my fantasy
Oh my sugar baby lovin' is so sweet to me

And it taste so sweet
Sugar you're my fantasy
Sugar on and on
Say I want your baby
Want you lovin'
Say I want your baby

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